Apple's 'slofie' is its most pointless 'innovation' since Animoji

Apple's 'slofie' is its most pointless 'innovation' since Animoji

Jack Morse 10/09/2019

"The best work of their lives."

That declarative statement of unambiguous triumph was issued by Tim Cook at today's Apple event   held in the company's Steve Jobs Theater. 

The CEO was heaping praise on his underlings' role in bringing the various products and services presented onstage to market — a feat which, in his mind, would surely be the crowning achievement of their lives. Which, when one considers the newly unveiled "slofie," suggests a collection of lives consisting of substantially more valleys than peaks. 

For those still blissfully unaware, slofie is a portmanteau of "slow motion" and "selfie" that describes a new feature available with the iPhone 11's front-facing camera. Specifically, it allows customers to record a slowed down video of themselves.  Read more...

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