Cloud or blockchain: which consumes the most energy?

Cloud or blockchain: which consumes the most energy?

Jack Schofield 11/10/2018

Martin is interested in using a decentralised web alternative to Google Docs, but worries about the energy use associated with blockchain

I recently read a piece about decentralisation. As I am looking for an alternative to Google, Microsoft and the other big names, Graphite stood out. However, it uses blockchain, and one thing that I do not find encouraging is the amount of energy it consumes.

So my question is: from an energy point of view, is there much difference between cloud and blockchain?

The main aim of the decentralised web (DWeb) is to remove the power of centralised “gatekeepers” such as Facebook and Google, who hoover up the world’s data and monetise it by selling advertising. It reminds me of the original concept of the web, where every computer would be both a client and a server, sharing information on a more or less equal basis.

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