Why Instagram should take that viral hoax seriously

Why Instagram should take that viral hoax seriously

Karissa Bell 21/08/2019

By now, you've probably heard about that ridiculous, nearly decade-old privacy hoax that went viral on Instagram thanks to a bunch of clueless celebrities.

And while it's easy to laugh at, it has some pretty serious implications for the company's billion plus users.

That the hoax, which has been repeatedly debunked over the years, was able to spread like virtual wildfire across Instagram is concerning to say the least. It shows just how easily conspiracy theories and propaganda can spread, with Instagram doing little to stop it. 

While there's plenty to criticize about Facebook's misinformation-fighting, the company will at least debunk conspiracy theories and attempt to push them out of sight in its News Feed. The process has been criticized for moving too slowly at times, but there are signs it's been effective at reducing the spread of fake news. Read more...

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