Roman Pichler - The Product Owner Role

Join us online for this 1 hour Lean Agile Manchester special with Roman Pichler. Roman will be talking about The Product Owner Role and taking questions on the topic. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a face to face meetup and you will be required to access the event remotely from your own location and device. Join the Lean Agile UK online community on Facebook: Sponsors:Solutioneers - Hi Lean Agile UK, We have created the Slido for tomorrow night's event; here is the link :- You may recognise your question as one of those marked "anonymous" on the current list; don't worry we know whose question is which for the prize draw. Please follow the link and vote on which questions you would like Roman to answer. (We have more questions than we could get through on the night, so only the most popular will be given time) Yes you can vote for your own and any one else's that you would like to hear an answer to. Please vote with the community, and event, in mind you lovely people. We look forward to taking part in a super evening tomorrow. The event will be hosted over Zoom. Here's the link to the event: We would advise connecting at 6:50pm to ensure you iron out any connectivity issues before the 7pm start. thank you

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