Essentials Online Meetup - Quality

Essentials Meetup is back and now it's available to you from the comfort of your home! For those new to Essentials Meetups, these are free meetups, providing training for those looking to get into software testing as well as those already here looking to upskill and cement existing knowledge. The online Meetup works slightly differently to the in-person events. If you want to attend as a student, please head to this link and register: Who Should Attend? If you meet any of the following, Essentials Online is for you: - Looking to start a career in Software Testing - In the early stages of your software testing career and looking to expand your knowledge - Getting started in testing and no budget for formal training - Well established in your software testing career and keen to go back to basics, refresh and share your knowledge - Desire to do some hands-on learning and challenge yourself in the testing space To attend you need to sign up to be involved! What We’ll Cover Testing is all about quality, right? But what is quality exactly and how do we know if something has quality when we all have different opinions about what is good or bad? In this session, we're going to discuss what Quality is and its relationship to testing. Want a bit of a head start? Check out this awesome video available on the dojo: Learning outcomes: - Identify that quality means different things to different people - Describe what quality is and why it is important to delivering software - Distinguish that there are many different quality characteristics - Discuss how quality relates to testing What is Essentials? Essentials is an initiative from Ministry of Testing that was created to provide individuals with the opportunity to develop essential knowledge and skills in software testing. Delivered through community-led training using modern blended learning techniques to create the next generation of quality-focused teams.

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