Scala Manchester - August Meetup!!

I'm happy to announce we are back with a bang and some Lightning talks, we have some great speakers and a fun packed schedule, so get yourself signed up to the event and ill see you at we-work. Arctic Shores have kindly helped with finding a venue and the supply of beer and Pizza for the evenings talks, here is a little bit about our sponsor... "Arctic Shores are an innovative and disruptive tech business combining neuroscience, artificial intelligence and game technology to create psychometric assessments that support more predictive and less biased hiring decisions. Our vision is to enable a more diverse and fulfilled workforce through our assessments." So on to the schedule: 6:30 - Intro 6:45 - Alex Richardson - Scala Engineer @ ArcticShores- Learning Tagless Final: A completely subjective look at using tagless final and my experiences coming to an existing codebase using it. Going over some pros and cons and comparing back to free monads and other patterns. 7:00 - James Collier - Tech Lead @ Disney Streaming Services- James will be talking about compile-time checked URI templates with uritemplate4s, he will give a brief overview of the technologies utilised to build this library, fastparse (a parser combinator library) and contextual (to provide typesafe URI template parsing, checked at compile time). As well as a quick run through of how to use uritemplate4s. 7:15 - Break - Pizza, Beer & Refreshments. 7:30 - Alex Lashford - Tech Director/CTO @ 60Innovations- Alex will be talking about creating functionally pure & principled API's using HTTP4s & CATS. Touching on the Core functional principles used giving an idiots guide to understanding them. 7:45 - Matt Squire - FuzzyLabs- Matt will be walking through how to optimally identify the location for Solar Panels using Apache Spark, Scala and a sprinkling of AI. 8:00 - Networking (Finishing the BEER!!! / Moving onto the Pub) See you there.

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