Tech Class: Confidence Workshop

How to appear confident and competent even when you don’t feel it

This interactive workshop is both fun and supportive of individuals who need to make a positive impact when talking to potential stakeholders and influencers. It involves practical and simple skills to radiate confidence and personal effectiveness.


Perris-Myatt brings together the skills and (considerable!) experience of Sarah Perris and Merryn Myatt. Sarah as a former Worldwide Communications Director for Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars, and Merryn as a former BBC newsreader and journalist. They help individuals and organisations from grass-roots to global to build their brands and to enhance their reputation by communicating more productively with internal and external audiences. Whether delivering crisis management, positive media relations, personal impact, presentation training or building your personal confidence, they:
• Tell it like it is
• Don’t do bullshit
• Make it fun!


08:30am – Arrival
09:00am – Introduction to the presenters and to the workshop
09:15 – Interactive Session Part 1 to include
• Planning for confidence - a framework
•It’s in the head - identifying and changing negative habits
10:00am – Interactive Session Part 2 to include:
• Changing body language and gestures
• Micro-weapons for confidence!
10:45am – Open Q&A and Wrap-up
11:00am – Close

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