AWS UG North #34 - Werner's keynote from re:invent (+ Christmas social stuff!)

UPDATE: I'm going to hold this at Steamhaus' offices. Please let me know if you have any accessibility issues as our lift is currently out of action! *********************** Almost as good as being there in person (but without the 11 hour flight, and the distractions of Las Vegas...) - we're going to be streaming Werner Vogel's keynote, live from AWS re:invent. Please note - Werner's talk starts at 4.30pm UK time.Just finalising venue and sponsor - more details to follow soon. And, for the first time in our ~9 year history we thought it was time for some sort of Christmas social. The idea is there, the details are yet to be sorted. NB. keep an eye out for an announcement about the January meetup which will be an epic summary of all the announcements from re:invent, delivered by Steve Bryen, AWS Tech Evangelist. (it's no mean feat)

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