May Meetup - The tech response to lockdown

SpeakersJon Ball - speaking on how San Francisco has responded to lockdown and how Slack has responded, not only as a company, but also as provider of business communication during the times of this pandemic. Darryl Kennedy - speaking about his vast experience of a WFH-er. How he manages & recommends remote working from home and the work-life balance. Gabbi Trotter - a quick chat about the the hot topics that may be on our minds...- What's the current health of the Manchester job market? (testing specific)- That recruiter I've been talking to has gone silent & isn't returning my calls. What's up with that?- What should I do if I'm facing redundancy/been made redundant?- I've been furloughed. Should I be looking for a new role? PS - there may (or may not) be a surprise appearance from Nicolas Cage!!(in the form of a cardboard cutout) Thanks to Matillion for hosting on Zoom

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