EON Reality | Tech Breakfast Briefing #3: What You See Is What You Want? Next Gen Interfaces & UX for Everything

Immersive interfaces are quickly changing how we interact - with everything in the real and virtual worlds.
Where visual content leads the way, driving engagement becomes the priority. So how do we make Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality work for us? How is UX evolving to meet the demand?
Join us as we understand where the lines blur when it comes to enterprise, education and how we interact with content within these sectors - with insights from UX experts, and why it's important to futureproof your content today.

Jane McConnell, UK Marketing Executive, EON Reality


Get the latest insights from the EON Reality UK Tech Breakfast Briefing! 
Briefing #3: What You See Is What You Want? Next Gen Interfaces & UX for Everything
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In an increasingly loud, noisy and crowded multi-industry technology sector, we are finding that the best way we can effectively learn is through experience: so join us for your morning coffee and some christmas-themed breakfast, and join the community.
Get the best insights from national business leaders on the real market opportunities and impacts of next generation interfaces like virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

HOSTED AT: Accelerate Places, Princess St., Manchester 

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Welcome to the EON Reality Tech Breakfast Briefing!
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