The Future of the Windows Desktop (Using .Net Core 3 to Improve Legacy Apps)

Do you have a WinForms or WPF app in your organisation? You know the one - it's been running for about 10 years, and nobody dare touch it in case it remembers it's due to suddenly fall apart; nobody really knows how it got deployed, or how it ever will again! Worse, when you put WinForms on the job ads, you're losing around half the candidates because, well, who wants to write WinForms apps in 2019? In this talk, we'll discuss what Microsoft have done to try and bring these (still perfectly valid) technologies under the .Net Core umbrella. We'll talk about how you can convert existing apps over to .Net Core, how you can build and deploy them using the new available tools. We'll also see how you can improve them from the outside in, using Xaml Islands. Speaker Paul Michaels is a Lead Developer at a large auditing firm, working mainly with Asp.Net Core and Azure Services. He's been programming professionally since 1997, and likes finding neat solutions to problems. Venue This meeting is at Code Nation, at Spring Gardens. This is situated in the city centre, near the main Post Office, behind Primark. There will be someone in the foyer who will sign you in and then tell you how to find the venue. This is a free event - there is no charge for a ticket.We often get enough RSVP's for there to be a waiting list; the list has always cleared by the early part of the week of the talk, but this relies on you releasing your ticket if you can no longer attend. Please remember to do this if your plans change. Please ensure we have an email address that you do look at, so we can let you know of any last minute changes; and please use your full name on the site as it's the only way we, or the fire service, can account for you in the case of an evacuation/emergency/fire etc. You can also follow us on Twitter @dotnetnorth for updates too. We order a van-load of pizza for our half time break. If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know via the group message forum. ( If you would need assistance to leave the building in the event of an evacuation then please let us know via the group message forum. ( Note for recruitment professionals - we don't exclude recruiters from our meetings but we would ask you to contact Rick Garner for a brief chat before you start attending. We may ask you to give up your ticket if we are heavily oversubscribed. ScheduleDoors open from 18:15Intro and welcome 18:40Speaker 18:50 (with a break at some point)Wrap-up & prize raffle 20.45Close ~21:00(Don't feel bad if you have to leave early for a train/bus/lift home - no one will be offended) We then adjourn to a local bar for a drink and a natter - everyone is welcome to join us!

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