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Our Beginnings

Our beginnings

Tech Manchester exists to provide startups with an opportunity to learn from those who have been there and done it, for projects to find the financial backing they need, and for the inquisitive to connect with like-minded innovators. Our goal is to lift Manchester's tech offering to new heights.

To become the leading tech city in the UK, Manchester needs to come together as one. Our tech community can engage and collaborate, drive economic growth and raise the city's profile across the country and the globe. Tech Manchester was born to aid this consolidation.

About Tech Manchester

Tech Manchester is a comprehensive portal for those in Manchester's creative, digital, and tech industries. It has the potential to lift our community to even greater heights; reducing duplicated efforts across the city, allowing us to spot gaps in the market, keeping everyone up to date with advancements in tech, and creating a strong culture we can be proud of.

Manchester's tech industry is brimming with innovation. This world-class community is serviced with equally world-class resources, from flexible working spaces and funding initiatives to networking events and mentoring schemes. Tech Manchester provides a place for the tech community to engage and collaborate, driving economic growth and raising the city's profile on an international scale.

For the last decade, Manchester has taken its digital evolution into its own hands. The community has nurtured new talent and attracted the industry's best to build their businesses here, creating the thriving hub of digital growth that Manchester is today.

Initiatives such as Tech North, Manchester Digital, Manchester Tech Trust and the Manchester Growth Company contribute extensively to enriching the resources and opportunities available to tech, creative and digital across the city.

Tech Manchester aims to work alongside these bodies, complementing their work and reinforcing their messages wherever possible. Our shared vision for the future of tech in Manchester holds a lot of power; working together, we can make our city's ambitions a reality.

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