This handy padlock unlocks with your fingerprint

This handy padlock unlocks with your fingerprint

Veronika Kero 15/09/2020

TL;DR: The Tokk™ Fingerprint Waterproof Lock PL3 provides a key-free approach to securing your stuff. Get it for just $64.99, an 18% savings as of Sept. 15.

While old school padlocks are still useful for locking and protecting our precious belongings, keys often get lost and misplaced. If you want to move from that padlock life to a modern alternative, consider a Tokk.

Tokk is a versatile lock that you open via fingerprint. It's great for numerous uses: outdoor gates, packed bags, and gym lockers, to name a few. And conveniently, you won't need any keys or combinations to make it work. 

Here's a preview:

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