CodeUp Manchester Last Ever Session

CodeUp is a learner-led monthly meetup for adults who code or want to learn how to code, run for free by a team of volunteers. This session will be special in that it's the last of one kind and the first of another. CodeUp is being closed down (see Claire's announcement here: but a new group is starting up called CodeWith. This evening's session will be part of CodeWith's launch, right at the start of National Coding Week, and kicks off a week of events which can be found on EventBrite here: There will be nothing left of CodeUp by the end of September, so to stay up to date with the new group, sign up to the mailing list here: Our sessions are suitable for complete beginners and people with basic skills who want to develop them, as well as experienced coders who are stuck on a problem or just want to be in a space where people are immersed in code. Come along, tell us what you need support with, and we will do our best to help. A laptop always helps, so bring one if you have one. For more information, have a look around our website:

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