WinUI 3 & the Windows Community Toolkit Preview

Windows UI Library (WinUI) 3 is a native user experience framework for both Windows Desktop and UWP apps. Take a sneak peak into the future of Windows development, learning how the evolution of the Universal Windows Platform will enable new scenarios for your applications, together with a new version of the Windows Community Toolkit, to build immersive experiences with C++ or C# & .Net 5. Speaker Alexandre Chohfi is a Senior Software Development Engineer focused on Windows Development. He used to be a game developer, and is also a former Microsoft MVP in Windows Platform Development. He presented at hundreds of events all over Brazil, such as TechEd Brasil, Campus Party, The Developers Conference São Paulo, QCon Rio and QCon São Paulo. While working at Microsoft, he also presented internationally in India, Taiwan and Indonesia, for the Insider Dev Tour. Venue This is an online event which you can watch on Twitch. After the talk we will have a quick draw for some prizes, followed by a social event online. Details will be given on the night. Please ensure you provide an email address for your Meetup account, that you do look at, so we can let you know of any last minute changes. You can also follow us on Twitter @DotNetNorth for updates too. Schedule20:00 - Introduction20:10 - Speaker21:10 - Prize Draw & AoB21:30 - Networking / Social

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