CodeUp Manchester July Monthly Session

CodeUp is a learner-led monthly meetup for adults who code or want to learn how to code, run for free by a team of volunteers. Find out more about the sessions and our mentors at With the pandemic upon us, CodeUp has moved online. Everything is run from our Slack channel, where we'll be giving the link and the password to the meeting on the night. If you haven't joined our Slack already, you can do so through this Our sessions are suitable for complete beginners and people with basic skills who want to develop them, as well as experienced coders who are stuck on a problem or just want to be in a space where people are immersed in code. Come along, tell us what you need support with, and we will do our best to help. Slack isn't just used on the night, Mentors are available there most days (though we do have jobs, so not all of us can chat during work hours), so come on over beforehand if you like. All our events are sponsored by Northcoders. If you're interested in learning how to code to a junior developer standard, find out more at

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